[MISSION]: Eure Momma is a ministry dedicated to supporting, empowering, and educating single mothers in their quest for love while strengthening the parent child relationship and fostering a healthy sense of self.

[TELL ME MORE]: Eure Momma is more than an organization that offers basic information. There is a huge emphasis on community engagement and services, as well as, developing a network of support that will carry on far after the completion of the programs offered. Eure Momma is originally based out of the Austin, Texas area and hopes to expand in the future.


1. Encouraging and educating single mothers on navigating healthy romantic relationships while balancing the roles and responsibilities of being the primary caregiver.

2. Developing and strengthening the parent-child relationship during all stages, particularly between the mother and daughter.

3. Redefining our perception of beauty with a focus on being true to self and using our unique characteristics to impact the world around us. 

Stay tuned for info on upcoming events!